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Amazing commitment by Praneel who now enjoys going to the gym with a structured plan and flexible schedule that's already getting him results 

00:10 Originally from Fiji an accountant by profession

00:18 A lot of sitting down in front of the screen

02:00 I needed it man, used to play sports more

02:33 Match fitness but as I got older, work took over  

Jareth has been able to stay active and make progress over the years even with hectic long hours, managing a team and many life events

00:01 BrisVegas, Professional Working Long Hours..
00:52 Before Bounced Around PT to PT & Gyms
02:00 Questioned Their Legitimacy.. Capability
02:40 More About Life Experience.. What Separates You

Despite long hours at the desk Yash's readiness and consistency to improve his health and fitness has been truely inspiring!

00:30 Manager a lot of desk work, computer work, sedentary
00:40 Benefits from prolonged health and well being
01:05 Played sports in school, enjoyed it, socialised
02:00 9-5 grind, things around the house fitness takes a back seat

How Akheel from Perth got back into training with greater consistency, shredding progress and getting compliments 

00:10 From Sri Lanka living in Perth working at a family car dealership

00:22 Struggling to find time,  put on weight over last few years

00:32 Started with Misch at 90 to lose that extra kilos 

00:40 Started training purely for aesthetics, gone through really bad breakup

How Himanshu from Melbourne went from being on/off, inactive for two months to ‘I’m seeing gains every week.. keeps me motivated’ with a vision..

00:31 Main Goal To Bulk Up Then 10% Bodyfat
01:10 Met On Instagram, Filled Out Form
02:05 Try A New Coach.. Get A Better Guidance
03:16 The Fundamentals, Full Body Training I Like That

Malachai got past the confusion online to feeling better with personalised coaching having gained more muscle shape, he is now getting compliments from friends and colleagues and on to even bigger goals!

It has been amazing to see @malachai_lawler get right into his new program and shape up to gain over 3kgs in the first 4 weeks. 

Enjoying his new training plan and technique he has built up his arms and chest while getting many compliments from his partner and colleagues. 

Rob’s injury-less running, stronger body, better movement and weight loss of 5kgs. A true inspiration to us all that it is never to late to start and keep going! 


It’s been a honour to work with Rober John Hugh Strickland at the mature age of 76 he defies the odds and leads the way for us all. Show us that it's never too late to start and keep going! 

A coaching honour to work with the ambitious Soloman who knows the value in having a coach


A coaching honour to work with the ambitious @solomannstephenn who knows the value in having a coach 💪😊

[00:23] Motivation during lockdowns

[00:58] Focus 10% on the problem, 90% on the solution

[01:15] Already really super ambitious, consistent

How Sandesh stayed active throughout lockdowns and is still going 


Super proud of @san_d3sh for how he stayed active throughout lockdowns and is still going! 👟💪

Deepak's motivating new to gym fitness journey, learning more about exercises and nutrition while navigating life's challenges 


It’s been great to see Deepak @raj_tarvedi show up, knowing what he wants and getting right into his new personalised program

Active Testimonials

Ben Thomas

45, Operator

Since working with Misch I have regained the confidence, strength and durability in my back that I have not had in years. His confident reassurance and ability to guide me through thoughtful exercises design for me as an individual and gradually building my strength and achieving every weight loss goal that I set, quicker than I ever expected. My BMI is far better than I thought it would be at this stage and muscle growth and definition is continuing to improve, I’m seeing awesome results! I am so impressed with how much passion and dedication he has for his clients to reach their goals. The programs that he has set up are second to none and have allowed me to get great workouts done at home and in our apartment gym.   

New shape, increased fitness, stronger and flexible while shredding 8kgs weight, from 36 to 32 pants size in under 4 months 

Lovepreet Maan

26, IT Team Leader

With my career progression and wedding date approaching it was time to get in shape and Misch’s positive attitude and motivation to keep pushing my limits really helped. I have learnt how to workout properly at home and in gym, gain more confidence in my self and flexibility in my body. While learning more about good nutrition and exercise I was able to lose weight and strengthen my lower back. Also I have learned more about a positive attitude, motivation and how to set an example for others and uplift their spirit    

More energy, better flexibility, a stronger back and leaner with less fat layers and more muscle tone in under 3 months 

Jareth G

31, Ops Manager

It has been an inspiring to start training with the Misch and I’m actually seeing the progress, which I didn’t expect that results would appear so quick. The training program is really enjoyable as I can now lift bigger weights, have better posture and more shaped muscles. Also I’ve notice that my arms and lower back are stronger when I do my yoga stretches. It has only been a couple of weeks and I am really looking forward to gaining more lean muscle with the body shape I have in mind. 

Stronger back, clear vision and mindset while building more lean muscle shape and size in under 6 months 

Ji Flyn

18 , Student

It’s been great training with Misch, I liked how he suggested different machines when I couldn’t complete reps on one. Also getting to know what I should be eating and exercises to be doing was really helpful. His positive affirmations when I was starting on the lighter weights helped me not be deterred by that. Overall I have been able to get stronger with more muscle definition

New to the gym, fast learner, can now do full pushups and doubled his fitness endurance level in just 2 months 

Artem Uzdyakin

35, Engineer

It has been an inspiring to start training with the Misch and I’m actually seeing the progress, which I didn’t expect that results would appear so quick. The training program is really enjoyable as I can now lift bigger weights, have better posture and more shaped muscles. Also I’ve notice that my arms and lower back are stronger when I do my yoga stretches. It has only been a couple of weeks and I am really looking forward to gaining more lean muscle with the body shape I have in mind. 

 More shaped muscles, stronger arms and back with better posture and inspired to do better in under 2 months 

Zay Htin

21, Assistance Manager

So far so good Misch has amazing guidelines and I'm happy with that. Also he has an amazing personality and knows his career which has been amazing. The motivation he gives means a lot while playing, before joining the gym I was unable to know the proper way to play. Now I know how to control my nutrition and how to maintain my body. In just a short time I was able to get a fit body by losing weight and losing fat. He has been amazing and I'm very happy with his training.  

 Shredded more than 10% body fat with increased speed, stamina and confidence in under 7 weeks 

Ben Edney

23, Admin Assistant

Misch is a pretty good trainer and very good at listening to his clients at least in my experience, he has been receptive to my feedback and has also helped me over come a massive plateau in my training. With my goal of gaining more muscle I have been able to increase my arm size and broaden my back with a v taper. Also I have a more upright posture allowing me to move easier and perform the exercises better. Overall I am really happy with the lean muscle gains so far revealing more definition and shape as I grow. 

Fit Active Body Transformation 

Now with a more upright posture, lean muscle gains for a balance body shape with more definition in under 3 months 

Luke Myers

42, Project Manager

It has been a life changing transformation working with Misch dropping the most amount of weight I ever have and feeling so much more confident and happy with my body shape now. His balanced approach to fitness and attention to strength and mobility has really helped even out the long days at the office. Also his simple approach to enjoyable nutrition and the information he shares has helped me stay on track with healthier food choices. All together I found his training programs to be fun and challenging, saving me time and moving me towards my fitness goals faster than I thought possible. 

Achieved his best transformation ever shredding over 10kgs with more strength, energy and flexibility in less than 5 months 

Ryan Mok

25, Eatery Manager

I feel more confident now that I have lost the weight and gained more muscle definition while training with Misch. I really liked how the program gradually advanced with my busy work and study schedule. There has been many helpful nutrition ideas that I learn’t along the way and the exercises videos and instruction in my program were easy to follow. I am very happy that I have been able to lose weight and gain more muscle while making this my new healthy active lifestyle.

Fit Active Body Transformation 

More confident having lost weight and gained more muscle definition living an balanced active lifestyle for less than a year

Fabricio Raffa

30, Student

It’s has been really good working with Misch. I had back pain, lower disposition and lower flexibility now I am feeling much better. The stretches and strengthening exercises has improved my posture and is helping me build more muscle size and shape. I am feeling much better, keep doing a great job.

 Stronger back with better posture and building more lean muscle shape and size in just 1 month 

Peter Do

28 , Retail Manager

My lifestyle has changed for the better since working with Misch, I’ve been more motivated to get out of bed with increased stamina and a positive self perspective all round. In the gym I feel stronger with my pull up strength improving two fold thanks to learning better technique and proper form. With my nutrition I've been inspired to creatively eat healthier more often which has allowed me to get leaner and have more energy during my busy days at work. Also I really like how personalised and enjoyable Misch’s training programs have been adapting to my fitness level and ability while moving me towards my fitness goals!  

Fit Active Body Transformation 

Twice as strong, with more everyday stamina and sporting a leaner body shape in just a few months 

Alex Pereira

27,  Travel Entrepreneur 

I have had a much better understanding on how to reach my specific goal. A lot of personalised information on nutrition, exercise etc. which I thought was great. I learnt a lot of new things regarding goal setting and specific psychological advantages. I would recommend Misch to any body looking to make a real change in their body, mindset an lifestyle all round

Fit Active Body Transformation 

More goal clarity, better nutrition and improved fitness and for an all round active and leaner body in 2 months  

Abhijeet Singh

43 , Software Engineer

With my long days at the office and young family the flexibility that Misch offers with his training programs has been great! The motivation helps along with the instructions and explanations that make workouts more interesting and challenge me further. The attention to detail has helped me overcome mistakes I have made in lifting movements all my life, as I get older I think those are more critical to avoid injury. After 3 years of failed attempts, he has helped me achieve more regularity with my workouts, better level of fitness and an overall healthier lifestyle.

Fit Active Body Transformation 

Finally been the most motivated and consistently active in years  reaching a new fitness level and enjoying a new healthy lifestyle

Nirmal Sumy

We Of To A Good Start and Gaining Already

Since working in the city I have really enjoyed the variety of efficient workouts that Misch has put together with a strong focus on form and technique to gain muscle and strength. Having only started this style of training recently I am already noticing some strength gains and muscle definition with a better understanding of good nutrition overall. I am really looking forward to the even more muscle gains working with Misch      

Josh Clifton

Not Only Works but is Enjoyable To Do 

Since going through Mischarlan's program, I now have a program that not only works but is enjoyable to do. His motivational and psychological strategies really took my progress to another level. This guy is taking personal training to new heights  

Brandon Choi

My Inspired Lifestyle 

Misch had inspired me to always to my best self, to constantly aim for higher ground and never look back. He has shown me the difference between dreaming the future and building it. I will continue to take in his valuable advice to train not only my body but my mind at the same time 

"It has been my absolute pleasure to work with these amazing individuals and seeing them transform in their own unique way. Their positive attitude and commitment to my programs naturally helped formed new life long healthier habits. Great memories and friendships have been made and seeing a more stronger and confident physical expression of each of them really makes my work fulfilling. " 

Fit Active Body Coach, Misch


About Coach Misch

Misch Parsotham 

37, Active Lifestyle Coach

❖  21+Years Physical Training Experience

❖ Certified Complete Personal Trainer (AIPT)

❖ Certified Online Trainer Level 2 (OTA

❖  7 Years, 3000+ PT & Online Coaching Sessions

❖ Avid Mind & Body Writer & Speaker 

❖ Certified Gravity Yoga Teacher & TM Meditator 

Featured Fitness Model, TV & Movie Actor

Hi , I'm  Misch an avid fitness enthusiast dedicated to elevating the well-being of my clients while deriving immense personal and professional fulfillment from the process. My fitness philosophy revolves around the belief that anyone can attain their optimal physique through a holistic transformation of mindset, habits and unwavering dedication. My main emphasis is on guidance through an uplifting and enjoyable journey emcompassing training and nutrition.

My professional background includes graduating university with a distinction on my degree, as well as various diplomas, coupled with a tenure in a corperate IT. Then I supported over 100 local staff members to being called upon to travel overseas. sites. With the challenges of a busy schedule I discovered the need to develop more efficient and effective ways to get and stay in shape 

Today I take immense pride in pivoting towards my true passion for health and fitness. As a certified Personal Trainer and Online Coach,  I'm committed to assisting busy professional men worldwide in cultivating and active lifestyle and shaping their ultimate physique, for lasting transformations. I extend and open invitation for you to connect with me; I appreciate the opportunity to make new connections and engage in meaningful conversations. Don't hesitate to reach out - I'm always here to connect and chat! 

Feel free to reach out and contact me here  

Coach Misch's Fit Active Body Transformation 

My natural body transformation with increased flexibility, mobility and energy.. Living a balanced active lifestyle and enjoying every minute of it! Blessed to inspire and help many guys transform too 💪