Active Shred & Shape Plan With Misch

Online training is a new and exciting way to offer health and fitness guidance that can be utilized by anyone from anywhere, offering convenience, responsiveness, flexibility, and affordability.

What Does Working With Me Get You?

Personal Assessments - We'll jump on a call and identify what has caused your unwanted body weight and/or where you want to shape more muscle. We'll also go over your goals and vision, and what we are going to do to accomplish them.

Training Program Plan - Together we will create a plan that works for you and your schedule. My mission is to have nutrition and exercise improve your life - not create unnecessary stress. You will have your own easy to follow program calendar to track and update as you progress.

Body Shaping Strategies - My approach is different. Not only will I help you shred fat and shape more lean muscle in the short-term — my strategies will help you maintain a lean muscular healthy body for a life time!

Progress Evaluation - I'll provide you with tools that allow you to easily keep track of your food, exercise, and body transformation to ensure you are continually making progress towards your goals. I'll be in charge of all of the "behind the scenes" work so that you can focus on just executing

Real Time Access to Me - You can send me all your questions and I will be checking in on you throughout . I never want you to feel in the dark. I'll make sure that all of your questions are answered and your new body shaping progress stays consistent.

Get active, increase your energy and transform your body!

Success Stories

Ben Thomas

45, Operator

Active Transformation

New shape, increased fitness, stronger and flexible while shredding 8kgs weight, from 36 to 32 pants size in under 4 months

Zay Htin

21, Assist.Manager

Active Transformation

Shredded more than 10% body fat with increased speed, stamina and confidence in under 7 weeks

Lovepreet Maan

26 , IT Team Leader

Active Transformation

More energy, better flexibility, a stronger back and leaner with less fat layers and more muscle tone in under 3 months

Ben Edney

23, Admin Assistant

Active Transformation

Now with a more upright posture, lean muscle gains for a balance body shape with more definition in under 3 months

Artem Uzdyakin

35 , Engineer

Active Transformation

More shaped muscles, stronger arms and back with better posture and inspired to do better in under 2 months

Fabricio Raffa

30, Student

Active Transformation

Stronger back with better posture and building more lean muscle shape and size in just 1 month

Why Online Training

Optimise Your Workouts

be more effective in less time with the right advice and plan

At Home Or In Gym

from body weight exercises you can do at home to free weights in the gym we have a program for you

Stronger Accountability & Support

of workouts completed, nutrition compliance, check-ins and Q&A

Proven Training Programs

covering all major muscle groups with stretches, movement and muscle shaping exercise with right metrics

Personalisation For Your Body

to address any injuries, weaker muscles while providing prioritisation and adjustments for specific goal requirements

Accurate Self Assessment Tools

have a snapshot to progress from of your of your body shape, weight, girth, body fat, strength, endurance an more

Exercise Safety & Adequate Rest

through proper form and smart scheduling relative to lifestyle and proper recovery for continued progress

Motivation & Goals

including inspiration, goal setting , encouragement and support to go further

Full Body Transformation

so that your look, feel and perform at your best with proven strategies that fits into your lifestyle and are towards lasting results

Increased Energy & Athletic Performance

to get more out of your everyday activities and perform better in sports and leisure activities

Improve Flexibility & Mobility

be do tasks with ease, support better posture and improve your performance and results

Support & Guidance Throughout

here to guide and support your throughout your program and give you key lessons from 17+ year personal experience and in-depth studies

Everybody benefits from a trainer, even the top athletes in the world still use trainers, so knowing enough to workout on your own is not an excuse.

Having a trainer with teach you to go beyond your comfort zone while staying within your limits, you won’t push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Hire a coach who understands you, your health history, concerns, fitness goals while supporting and guiding you towards the results you want!

Active Shred & Shape Plan

❖ fitness and lifestyle goal setting

❖ custom workout program

❖ fitness app, exercise videos, tracking +

❖ weekly progress coaching reviews

❖ monthly check-in calls

❖ support and accountability

❖ shred and shape portal +

Powerful Tools & Support

To Keep You On Track For Awesome Results!

Have access to all the tools and support you need to perform at your best! Feel confident every step of the way as you track your progress to a new, better you!

Progress Tracking

Track your progress and see how your body is changing over time

Exercise Demo Videos

Watch demo and technique videos for every single exercise by Misch

Mobile Training App

Access your workout plan and message Misch from anywhere

Motivation & Accountability

Stay on track with regular progress check-ins and assessments

Nutrition Guidance

Enjoy learning how to eat healthy with grocery lists, recipes and guidance

Community Support

Be encouraged by Misch and other active guys in our community

Shred & Shape Portal

Learn key principles and proven strategies from Misch's 17+years

1-to-1 Coaching Calls

Speak directly with Misch to support and guide you to achieve your goals!

The Many Benefits Of Online Training

  • Train anywhere, any time you no longer have to go to a gym, I can build you workouts that you can do at home and while you travel too
  • Scheduling sessions is a non-issue no need to schedule, travel and meet your trainer, instead train when and where ever you want with a program that is right for you
  • Have stronger accountability and support as your trainer I proactively have real time view of your overall progress and stats
  • You can now work with the best regardless of where you are I am able to provide you with the all the support, guidance and direction you need
  • More cost effective as you are not paying for set training session times or gym overheads etc. which means you have a better coach at a fraction
  • Free fitness app where you can view your stats, track your progress and communicate with me as your coach in real time
  • Loved ones can be taken care of there is a lot of variance in the fitness industry, not all trainers are good trainers, you can now refer people to someone you know and trust