Hi, I’m Mischarlan you can call me Misch :) I currently live in Brisbane City and help busy city men all around the world who are looking to live active while shaping their best body!

Many of my clients tend to be short on time and often stressed so I design efficient and effective workouts that can be done at home, while travelling and in a gym.

Many men have come to me just wanting to be fitter and to improve their everyday energy, which we easily accomplish in just a few weeks. Soon after with momentum and progress we look towards shredding of layers of fat and/or shaping more lean muscle to achieve their desired look and level of performance. Often together we able to make progress much faster than they thought possible.

Some of the common issues I have helped my clients overcome are weak lower back pains, hunched over posture and improving a limited range of motion often caused by sitting at a desk most of the day. Together we also come up with enjoyable healthy eating habits and the best ways to survive office parties, after work drinks and nightlife while staying fit and in shape all year round.

All of these office experiences I can personally relate to because after university I worked in a office myself for over 8 years supporting 100+ staff to being promoted with even more responsibilities and having less time. Althought the office antics and overseas business travels were great, I needed to find a way to stay motivated get my workouts in and eat smarter.

Luckily my passion for fitness began at the early age of 14 with a lot of trail and error (mostly error then) to thankfully having been coached and mentored by my friend who was a world champ bodybuilder, fitness models and successful mindset coaches. From my experiences, studies and many client successes I now have a proven understanding of how to naturally shape an aesthetically balanced body and improve athletic performance for the everyday city man.

Today I am proud to have pursued my career in fitness becoming a certified personal trainer and online trainer working with many corporate men in a central city gym and online. Watching them transform into a more active and confident version of themselves truly is amazing. All their personalised training programs are delivered through our app, allow them the flexibility to train when they want, providing feedback and answers to all the questions and our live trainings calls.

You can find out more about my online training services here or if you would like to get in-touch with me directly fill out my short application form and we’ll jump on a call and have a chat :)

Healthy regards,


Here to help busy professional men around the world look, feel and perform at their very best! Living a balanced active lifestyle while naturally transforming their desired body. I believe every individual fitness journey should be enjoyable, successful and celebrated as we achieve our desired fitness goals for life!

Live Active & Perform Better!

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