Together we can shed layers of body fat and shape more lean muscle in just 12 short weeks - Misch, Active Lifestyle Coach

Empowering busy city guys to live active while confidently shredding and shaping their best body!


Hi Guys, Misch here and I'm proud to have helped many guys achieve their fitness goals and transform their body faster than they first thought possible. Whether you looking shred off unwanted fat or shape more muscle let's do it in a lifestyle way for life time results!

Together we can make fitness fit into your busy schedule by optimising your workouts and boosting your energy so that you get more out of your day. With my 17+ years of training experience and accredited certifications in Personal Training and Online Training I can personalise the right training program with nutrition guidance so that it is completely towards YOUR Goals.

You can message me any time in our fitness app where I check-in to keep you motivated, accountable and provide you with all the support and guidance you need. All for a fraction of the price that you would pay for ordinary personal training. Have the freedom to workout any where and any time with me as your Online Active Lifestyle Coach! :)

Get active, increase your energy and transform your body!

Success Stories

Ben Thomas

45, Operator

Active Transformation

New shape, increased fitness, stronger and flexible while shredding 8kgs weight, from 36 to 32 pants size in under 4 months

Ryan Mok

25, Eatery Manager

Active Transformation

More confident having lost weight and gained more muscle definition living an balanced active lifestyle for less than a year

Luke Myers

42, Project Manager

Active Transformation

Achieved his best transformation ever shredding over 10kgs with more strength, energy and flexibility in less than 5 months

Ben Edney

23, Admin Assistant

Active Transformation

Now with a more upright posture, lean muscle gains for a balance body shape with more definition in under 3 months

Lovepreet Maan

26 , IT Team Leader

Active Transformation

More energy, better flexibility, a stronger back and leaner with less fat layers and more muscle tone in under 3 months

Artem Uzdyakin

35 , Engineer

Active Transformation

More shaped muscles, stronger arms and back with better posture and inspired to do better in under 2 months

About Misch Your Active Lifestyle Coach

Misch Parsotham

32, Active Lifestyle Coach

❖ Specialty In Body Shaping Movement

❖ Certified Personal Trainer (AIPT)

❖ Certified Online Coach (OTC)

❖ Lifetime Natural 17+Years Training

Hi Guys, my name is Misch and I am extremely enthusiastic about fitness and take great personal and professional satisfaction from improving the health and wellbeing of my clients. My philosophy towards fitness is that everyone can achieve their best body through a change of mind, habits and commitment. My primary focus is on making training and nutrition a positive and engaging experience.

Over the years I achieved a high distinction uni degree, diplomas with 8 years experience working in a city office providing support to 100+ staff locally and traveling overseas. It was while working long hours I discovered the need to develop more efficient and effective ways to improve my fitness and get in better shape.

Today I am proud to have follow my passion in health and fitness becoming a certified PT and Online Trainer helping busy city guys around the world get and stay active while transforming their best body for life!

Feel free to reach out and contact me here I am always happy to meet new people and have a chat :)

Active Transformation

Natural body transformation with increased flexibility, mobility and energy.. Living a balanced active lifestyle and enjoying every minute of it! Blessed to inspire and help many guys transform too 💪

Claim Your Free Consultation!

This is a an introductory session where you get to experience what online coaching can do for you first hand. Get a free 20 min consultation with Misch your expert coach ($70 value), to learn how you can maximise your workouts get advice specific to you and your fitness goals. If you choose to work with Misch that's great. If not that's cool too.

Here to help busy professional men around the world look, feel and perform at their very best! Living a balanced active lifestyle while naturally transforming their desired body. I believe every individual fitness journey should be enjoyable, successful and celebrated as we achieve our desired fitness goals for life!

Live Active & Perform Better!

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