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Guided by Coach Misch 

 About Coach Misch 

21+ Years Physically Training

Certified PT & Online Trainer Level 2 Coach

7+ Years, 3000+ PT & Online Coaching Sessions 

Featured Fitness Model, TV & Movie Actor 


Welcome to Coach Misch's Transformative Fitness Coaching! I take immense pride in guiding countless men towards life-altering transformations that exceed their initial expectations.

Our personalized fitness coaching redefines the way health and fitness guidance is delivered, catering specifically to the dynamic lives of busy professionals like you. With unmatched convenience, responsiveness, flexibility, and affordability, this innovative approach ensures that distance is no obstacle to achieving your goals. Through this digital platform, I am able to provide an unprecedented level of accountability and support, surpassing what was previously attainable through in-person interactions.

By harnessing the capabilities of the internet and eliminating the traditional overhead costs associated with gym settings, your investment goes further, delivering exceptional value for your hard-earned money. Regardless of whether you're kilometres  or continents away, online platforms and mobile communication tools keep us seamlessly connected.

In essence, my online coaching transcends the limitations of traditional in-person arrangements. The beauty lies in the customization of the program – it's designed around you, without the constraints of gym regulations, rigid schedules, or financial commitments to third parties. Consider the concept of "training" replaced with an elevated form of concierge service, where your evolving needs are met promptly and precisely.

Say goodbye to the conventional notion of fitness programs. Embrace a partnership that empowers you to take control of your fitness journey. It's time to discard the restrictions and embark on a path tailored exclusively to you. Join us today, and together, we'll sculpt your ultimate Fit Active Body.

Fit Active Body Transformations

Ben Thomas

45, Operator

Active Transformation 

New shape, increased fitness, stronger and flexible while shredding 8kgs weight, from 36 to 32 pants size in under 4 months 

Zay Htin

21, Assist. Manager

Active Transformation 

Shredded more than 10% body fat with increased speed, stamina and confidence in under 7 weeks

Lovepreet Maan

26 , IT Team Leader

Active Transformation 

More energy, better flexibility, a stronger back and leaner with less fat layers and more muscle tone in under 3 months 

Ben Edney

23, Admin Assistant 

Active Transformation 

Now with a more upright posture, lean muscle gains for a balance body shape with more definition in under 3 months 

Artem Uzdyakin

35 , Engineer

Active Transformation 

  More shaped muscles, stronger arms and back with better posture and inspired to do better in under 2 months 

Jareth Gularte

31, Ops Manager

Active Transformation 

 Stronger back, clear vision and mindset while building more lean muscle shape and size in under 6 months

Ready Success Stories

About Coach Misch

Misch Parsotham 

37, Mens Active Lifestyle Coach

❖  21+Years Physical Training Experience

❖ Certified Complete Personal Trainer (AIPT)

❖ Certified Online Trainer Level 2 (OTA

❖  7 Years, 3000+ PT & Online Coaching Sessions

❖ Avid Mind & Body Writer & Speaker 

❖ Certified Gravity Yoga Teacher & TM Meditator 

Featured Fitness Model, TV & Movie Actor

Hi , I'm  Misch an avid fitness enthusiast dedicated to elevating the well-being of my clients while deriving immense personal and professional fulfillment from the process. My fitness philosophy revolves around the belief that anyone can attain their optimal physique through a holistic transformation of mindset, habits and unwavering dedication. My main emphasis is on guidance through an uplifting and enjoyable journey emcompassing training and nutrition.

My professional background includes graduating university with a distinction on my degree, as well as various diplomas, coupled with a tenure in a corperate IT. Then I supported over 100 local staff members to being called upon to travel overseas. sites. With the challenges of a busy schedule I discovered the need to develop more efficient and effective ways to get and stay in shape 

Today I take immense pride in pivoting towards my true passion for health and fitness. As a certified Personal Trainer and Online Coach,  I'm committed to assisting busy professional men worldwide in cultivating and active lifestyle and shaping their ultimate physique, for lasting transformations. I extend and open invitation for you to connect with me; I appreciate the opportunity to make new connections and engage in meaningful conversations. Don't hesitate to reach out - I'm always here to connect and chat! 

Feel free to reach out and contact me here  

Misch's Fit Athletic Body Transformation 

Natural body transformation with increased flexibility, mobility and energy.. Living a balanced active lifestyle and enjoying every minute of it! Blessed to inspire and help many guys transform too 💪  

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Here to help busy professional men around the world look, feel and perform at their very best! Living a balanced active lifestyle while naturally transforming their desired body. I believe every individual fitness journey should be enjoyable, successful and celebrated as we achieve our desired fitness goals for life!  

Live Active & Perform Better!

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